Our Story

Back to the Roots,
Combination of China and Hong Kong taste

Our head chef has worked at many well known restaurants and is a respected chef around the Chinese food community. He was previously the head chef of the award winning Wing Wah buffet Restaurant. He has also taken part in many culinary competitions across the UK as well as in Holland and China. Our Chef comes from Shunde, a district in China known for its food delicacies and exquisite Chinese dishes. Trained from well known Chinese culinary schools, our kitchen staff hope to create unforgettable Chinese flavours for our diners.

The main inspiration for our menu comes from Hong kong street delicacies and traditional Chinese dishes. We also offer a range of other Asian cuisine such as Korean and Japanese, as our goal for the restaurant is to help people rediscover the taste of real oriental food. Our chef uses traditional Shunde recipes to create the most unique and authentic flavours.


Hot, Sour, Sweet and
Oh, So Fresh

Canto Mando was conceived in September 2019, due to the need for quality authentic oriental food in Bromsgrove. It was founded by Angela Lui and Matthew Lui, a Chinese descendant couple who previously worked and owned a Chinese buffet restaurant in Burton on Trent.

Chinese cuisine is historically very rich and flavoursome. Different regions of China offer a diverse range of traditional recipes. Health is also an important factor in Chinese dishes, natural seasoning, fresh ingredients are the key substances for an authentic Chinese dish.

Here at Canto Mando we offer a diverse range of Chinese dishes, combining Asian and western flavours together. We also use the freshest ingredients and prepare everything by hand. At Canto Mando our goal is to offer you an authentic, natural Chinese dining experience.